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The desk is a sacred place for any office worker, since it’s the piece of furniture that enjoys its presence for the highest number of hours a day, and represents the altar where each person develops the alchemy of their professional ideas in order to be more efficient, effective, and get daily inspiration for growth. In this sense, the HON Empower Benching Systems allows an infinity of possible styles thanks to its reconfiguration features according to the needs of the space and how it will be used. Comfort and optimism will always be directly related to these kinds of resources that are an essential part of a work area.

If you have this model in your office, these are three valuable tips to make your desk a more pleasant place:

1.- Personalize it to the maximum. There are several ways in which a personal stamp can be printed on a piece of furniture that is so essential for work performance: the most stimulating colors, inspiring elements such as flowers, decorations, and scented candles can transform it and fill it with good energy.

2.- Configure it according to the architecture of your area. This is an especially favorable advantage when they are as versatile and adjustable designs as the Empower Benching System since this desk helps to get the best out of every inch.

3.- Never let the style get lost. Minimalist decorative styles are especially convenient for offices because they make them look tidier, cleaner, and without unnecessary additions. Keep your desk tidy and you’ll see how it will improve in every aspect of its aesthetics.

HON Empower Benching Systems
Source: HON Furniture