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Did you know that the Humanscale Quickstand, the solution of Humanscale to promote a healthy posture workday, was voted the best office accessory of the decade (Best in 10) at Interior Design magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Awards?

Time is the last judge, and the sustained popularity of Humanscale Quickstand is proof of the quality of this solution. 

A height-adjustable standing desk that instantly turns your fixed-height desk from a sit to a stand one, the Quickstand has some advantages over similar devices, due to a greater surface to lift, and a higher stand-up range. 
In every scientific research, sitting properly is a sine qua non-requirement to avoid the risks associated with prolonged sitting. 

As we can see in this excellent advice of the English NHS, sitting in an ergonomic chair is not enough to guarantee a proper workday. Prolonged sitting makes you slide and change your posture from time to time, due to fatigue and boredom. So, keep in mind that besides the ergonomic support of your chair, you must be capable of:

  1. Keep the same position for your body (feet, thighs, arms, eye-line, chin).
  2. Alternate sit/down lapses.

Trust in Humanscale Quickstand, and go to Manhattan Office Design, where you can get the best relation quality/price for the best support in your office.