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AIS Volker Stools came to offices in New York to provide an inviting and alternative solution for getting down to business. With the AIS Volker Stools, there’s a new kind of cube in the office. Geared for today’s work and learning environments, the AIS Volker Stools’ cubes are easily movable to allow users work and learn wherever it leads them.

We haven’t done as many pieces on AIS office furniture in New York as we would like because this company really knows how to innovate. Stools don’t get much love from office furniture designers, but AIS and other leading brands are taking this seating line to the next level. The result is often quirky and fun, and features a lot of bright colors, which is already a positive quality.

AIS Volker Stools

AIS Volker Stools

AIS Volker Stools are a modular approach to casual seating that’s great for offices but could totally be seen on a classroom as well. The basic set comes with four wheeled stools (or cubes) that perfectly fit inside the wooden table that comes with the package. The stools come in a wide variety of upholsteries, from no-nonsense grays to more whimsical greens and even some patterned finishes.

Features and Prices

The Volker cubes are missing storage capacities, which is something that other companies have already attempted to implement successfully. However, their aesthetic appeal, as well as the concept behind them, is enough for them to become innovators among the stool realm.

One of the most impressive features is the range of available upholstery. The Volker wooden table also enjoys a wide variety of veneers and finishes, beginning with clear laminates like Cabinet Almond and other darker shades such as Absolute Acajou.

However, the upholstery roster is far bigger. AIS has a dedicated list of upholstery choices for their products that’s worth seeing, if only for its aesthetic value. A standard 5-piece Volker set (4 cubes and one table) currently has a list price of $3,111 with basic, Grade A upholstery and veneer. AIS material finishes and builds are divided into 5 levels from Grade A to E. Higher-level materials are a tad more expensive. Alternatively, a basic Volker cube is $530 with a standard finish.

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