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In the world of furniture production, high-quality products are endorsed by the experience and the high category of the brands that have been on the market for the longest time, offering all kinds of solutions to various needs. In this regard, Global Furniture Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of office furniture production, with creations focused on meeting the needs of modern lifestyle workers. One of its emblematic collections is the line of Factor office chairs, which include adjustable lumbar support that makes them ideal for long days in front of the computer, synchronized tilt mechanism with weight detection and fixed or adjustable arms.

Furthermore, the support these chairs can give you is not limited to terms of functionality alone. The Factor chairs also have a high aesthetic value, defined by their finish and their type of upholstery, which can range from a contemporary checkered finish to a spectrum of mesh colors. It’s scientifically proven that employees can experience a very satisfactory increase in performance when they have the right chairs for their daily use. The Factor chairs, among other technical benefits, allow the tilt lock to make the posture more comfortable when working and also allow the height of the chair to be adjusted according to the person’s height.

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