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Typically, ergonomic aspects are not achieved with all the success when it comes to office furniture design, especially when the pieces are not created by professionals. The Factor Office Chairs are an exception in this sense since they’re pieces with many technical characteristics that are especially dedicated to taking care of the health of the human body to avoid orthopedic diseases or chronic ailments that can evolve and become more serious problems, causing additional expenses in treatments, medical consultations, and medicines.

This situation is not convenient for any company or worker since nobody wants their health to be compromised by completing their tasks and, in addition to affecting their personal life, this will be directly reflected in their performance, motivation, and spirit. For this reason, the environment must necessarily be adapted for its greater comfort and be able to correctly cover the physical and psychological needs of the users to favor the daily routine. This is equally important for the spaces that are transformed into home offices, often configured in an improvised way, without paying due respect and care to ergonomics. Choosing a Factor Office Chair is a safe bet to guarantee an ergonomic seat to ensure the health and tranquility of workers.

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Source: Global Furniture Group