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Setting up a new office in New York will test your business planning capacity as a manager. Opening an effective running work-space will need budget management, design, and visualization skills.

In our previous article, we shared several considerations to help you. Now, we continue to share other considerations you need to take through before you open an office:

The Open Office Controversy

More and more companies are moving towards open-plan offices and modular furniture. 70% of companies in America adopt some version of the open office. 15-20% adopt a completely open plan in which all desks and computers are set up in rows in a large single room.

That doesn’t mean that your company should do it, too. There’s a benefit in knowing when and where to apply this approach of office interior design. How can you what’s best for your company?

Take a look at how the people in your office interact with each other during the workday. If they collaborate and share then an open-plan office is great. When your company is collaborative at its core, open-plan offices are best for you. But, if you rely more on individual performance, then enclosed spaces would be best.

While open offices increase collaboration; they also have a serious impact on productivity. But know that there’s no reason why you can’t have both. Your staff can have an open office with spaces for collaboration and a space for quiet and privacy.

Invest in ergonomic furniture

You wouldn’t choose computers and office equipment from the 70s, right? It would make your work slow and inefficient. Yet, why would you find acceptable chairs that sink, don’t adjust, or have armrests that get in the way of the desk? Investing in ergonomic furniture not only spruces up a boring office but it also makes sense. Don’t stop there. Ensure your staff members know how to manipulate it to adapt their own needs.

Investing in ergonomic products doesn’t have to be expensive. Growing market interest has made it more available and affordable than before. Offer your staff health and safety guidance on how to sit at their desk, to prevent bad posture issues. In the long run, these adjustments will make your staff live more comfortable.

Take care of your staff. They’re, after all, the most valuable asset of your company. The more they are cared for, the more likely they will want to stick around. Makes it as easy as possible for them to do their job.

Storage Solutions: think outside the box

A well-organized office saves you time, money and makes your staff members happier.

Having to deal every day with huge stacks of papers, countless drawers and tangled wires is a real burden. Consider all the time spent hunting for what should be at hand. Clutter and disorganization may be stressing everyone out and costing you money.

When it comes to storage solutions, it’s better to think outside the box (no pun intended). Create a workspace where your staff members can store personal and work items. The right storage solution creates boundaries and places for people to gather. An optimized group of settings will bring a more human working experience.

Seek office furniture that offers both storage and functionality. It will organize day-to-day activities and create the perfect setting for increased productivity. There are several creative products available that will maximize your space. These will improve organization morale, and give productivity a boost!

Your office can be an enjoyable space that doesn’t feel cramped and helps you be productive and successful. Feel free to contact us for more office design solutions. From space planning to project management, we can help you with all stages of your commercial projects.