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Now it seems a very good time to undertake that long-awaited office renovation for your NYC business. The post Covid19 city is emerging and sooner than later the business jungle will be roaring with full activity. Is your business ready?

Most office renovations, not only in NY but everywhere require furniture replacement, but office furniture in NY shouldn’t be a problem for you with so many alternatives in the market. Is the expertise, the experience in design what really counts. This is one of the most competitive cities in the world, and a successful office renovation in NY may turn into a major card of triumph. What factors should be taken into account?

Melt your brand and interior design

Always consider harmonizing your brand with your interior design. Colors and characters must show a unified face. One young, energic, dynamic company can’t  work in a dull, old fashioned place, occupied with grey and brown office furniture

You are about to make your office design in NY. It’s a big thing. Your brand, brand logo, and color play a lot in your corporate image and identity. That must be reflected in your place’s interior design. The brand colors must dictate your palette, and it’s essential to convey your brand experience through your space.

A human, warmer space

In a post Covid19 world, the office turns from the place where all work is done, to a place where people gather to create results. It’s a different place where not only productivity but security is required. In consequence, motivation is quite a priority. A warmer place, with home elements, is now the new north. In NYC there is a strong trend in the search of “authenticity”, and that means “humanness textures”, with wood floor, felt walls, linoleum work surfaces, and tactile fabrics, among others.

Space Planning in NYC

The procure of office furniture in NY is clearly not enough effort when it comes to an office renovation. Space planning is something more than necessary and it requires of true experienced services providers, just like Manhattan Office Design. The desk space is getting reduced and common spaces grew.  Employers need people to make coming into the office special by providing spaces that foster activities that are worth traveling for.

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