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Hon Empower Benching Systems represent a new benching system, to be easy in every way. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

What if we told you you could do more with your workspace? That you could control your surroundings and increase productivity and collaboration? We’re accomplishing that with our HON Office Furniture.

Benching systems have become the standard furniture for the trendy open-plan offices. After all, furniture that empowers employees to collaborate promotes the open concept. A Benching system can be a powerful tool to create a positive work environment. But before you commit, consider your office’s needs and your employees’ preferences.

You might kill your office’s productivity otherwise.

We’re here to help you determine if benching systems are right for your office. We’ll examine their benefits, setbacks, and show you how you can enhance your office design with them. For the sake of our article, we’ll use one of our favorite lines, the HON Empower Benching System.

Why should you consider Benching systems?

A major factor in designing your office is space. If you have a big office space, cubicles may be a perfect, rather outdated, solution. But if you have a small office, a benching system can be a great way to maximize your reduced space. Benching systems might be minimal in appearance but high in functionality.

After your office space, your budget might be your second biggest concern. Benching systems allows your company to save money. Unlike individual workstations, one benching system can fit a great number of employees. You might want to invest in a benching system rather than several workstations.

Finally, you can have a little more fun designing your office with a benching system. Benching systems offer great flexibility. You can arrange them in different ways to create an office design that matches your brand. You might want to create an atmosphere of creativity for your employees. The possibilities are endless, the trick is finding the right balance.

Benefits of using HON Empower Benching Systems

HON Empower Benching Systems

HON Empower Benching Systems will bring you several important benefits. Granted, cubicle systems share some of these benefits, but HON takes them to the next level. The HON Empower Benching System it’s cost-effective, flexible, and versatile. Here are some of the benefits of the HON Empower Benching System:


You’ve spent a significant amount of time and money in your office space. There’s no reason why it should look like a box or an old factory floor. Your company is unique and the office furniture you choose should reflect that. With the Hon Empower Benching System, everyone can customize workstations to their needs. With a wide variety of paint, screen and laminate options, it’s easy to change pieces to go with your office.


The HON Empower Benching System can be set up in an easy way. That’s very important if you’re opening a new office and need a simple way to set up camp and hit the ground running. You can change structures, shapes, fabrics, and color to your pleasure. I bet you have a growth strategy for your company in place. You’ll be able to change your workspace to accommodate your ever expanding team.

Productivity and Functionality

The Hon Empower Benching System gives you immediate access to all the essentials you need. Forget about messy extension cords and tangled cables. Empower supports fixed and mobile devices with seamless power management. It does this with clean, discrete troughs in the center of each work surface. We found easy to run power from the ceiling to each workstation through a power pole. You can keep cords collected and controlled from a floor to the wire trough, depending on the model. You can also incorporate power modules to bring data to the workstation surface.

The Concerns of Benching Systems

Before we continue, we need to address some concerns around Benching Systems. Designing an office around a benching system might not be the right choice for every company. An open office plan can be detrimental in some office settings:

  • They provide very little privacy.
  • The do little to cut distractions.
  • Employees can experience decreased productivity.
  • The proximity of employees can also spread illnesses during cold and flu seasons.

Why do we tell you this? Because now that you’re aware of these drawbacks, we can empower you to address them.

How can you use HON Empower Benching Systems Effectively

HON Empower Benching Systems

Offer a more private alternative

As we said before, don’t rely on benching systems for your office design. Provide private alternatives and offer your employees the chance to move. These spaces can be more suitable for phone conversations or more deep work. Hon Empower Benching System features division panels, easy to customize and setup, too. Let’s hope Sally from sales, who can’t stop talking about her weekend, gets the hint.

Cultivate better work habits

If you’re an employee, benching systems are not for you, and there’s no way around it, you can focus on what’s on your control. Start with your own workstation. An unorganized workstation will skew the way you think and feel. The things you surround yourself with will have a major impact on productivity. Clutter in your workstation will affect your attention, your performance, and your stress. Keep it clean, add personal items (plants and photos are perfect). It only takes a few little changes to make your workstation a place you can settle in and get some work done.

Reduce office noise

When it comes to open plan offices, reducing office noise is a must. Noise reduces cognitive performance, no matter where you are. But with with benching systems, you’re able to hear other people’s conversations, all the time.

Have you ever tried to block out a conversation once you’re aware of it? It’s as distracting as listening one. Move to more private places or use noise-cancelling headphones if necessary. You’ll be happier and more productive. And that bring us to…

Choose the right playlist to get work done

Did you know certain sort of songs are better suited for productivity and focus? If you’re researching or working on something new, choose classical or instrumental. If you’re solving a problem, whether is coding or writing, music in a range of 50-80 BPM with minimal lyrics are best.

Can’t work with music on but still want to avoid distractions? You can still wear headphones. This will state that you’re listening something and they’ll be less inclined to talk to you.

Go nuclear

Set some ground rules with your coworkers. Let them know when is best to talk for you and when you’d prefer to be alone. Set an “interruption stoplight” to halt drive-by distractions. Think of it as a physical “Do not disturb” mode.

HON Empower benching fits more people into a smaller area. It does this without sacrificing privacy, style or productivity. Respond to changes in your company. Expand and adapt to support new team members and varying work styles. Contact us, and let us support your growing business as future needs arise.