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Working from home, WFH, three unknown words three months ago, are now a common reference for everybody. Every home is setting up some space for an eventual home workstation that eventually may become permanent. AIS can help us on this journey. 

The complex circumstances in the world today maybe bring some confusion to several homes in need of some advice, in its quest of setting a proper home office for their own.
This is why AIS, the dynamic furniture firm brought by Manhattan Office Design, offers the best alternatives for your home office essentials: Office chairs, storage facilities, and meeting/workstation space facilities. In each home office space, some utilities may require an enhancement. With Natick (Office Task Chairs), Divi (Storage), and Oxygen (workstation facilities), AIS covers the whole range of your needs in an efficient and dynamic way, with affordable prices. Besides, the beautiful and dynamics designs of AIS furniture, far from the neutral office palette, make it ideal for our warm homes. 
Don’t miss the opportunity and come to Manhattan Office Design, where you will find the best prices for excellence in design and quality.