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Business is back in the Big Apple and the word on the street is reopening. While we know that there is not a return to old normality, we all know that we are back in the game. And there is no time to lose.

We are coming back from harsh times and every investment should be carefully considered.  If you are looking for office chairs in NYC, your investment must show a clear return and affordable prices. Have you ever consider Global Factor, by Global Furniture?

Factor, by Global Furniture Group, is your best choice in NYC.  With the most competitive price and with stable high quality and features, it will be one of your most profitable investments.

Factor is the task chair collection by Global Furniture that makes you recalculate the value equation for ergonomic work chairs. For a price more than competitive, you have a chair designed to perform optimally on a daily basis.

Features of Factor, by Global Office Furniture.

  • A characteristic sleek, monochromatic backrest is its design trademark. Its strong upper handle allows moving the chair easily anywhere in the office.
  • Lots of color options in armrests. Fixed or forward-swept with soft-touch,  highly resistant urethane armcaps for an easy grip.
  • A comfortable fabric seat with an angled seat edge, to reduce the pressure of blood flow on your thighs.
  • Options in casters to assure a good displacement of the Factor chair, whether in carpet or the floor.

The Color Factor

They call it Resimercial and it’s the last trend in office design in NYC. Both Resimercial or any current trend are looking for a more hommie place, warmer and greener. And that means color. With your traditional office furniture, you can count on its ergonomic design to take care of you and your team, but they maybe look a little outdated with that dark, sober, boring tones. Nowadays, with Global Factor, you have enough options to bring a warmer feeling to your office.  With 12 brilliant colors to choose from, you can bring all the style in, and create an outstanding 2021 workplace.

If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer for office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like Global Furniture Group, at really affordable prices.