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The CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair is probably one of the most overlooked high-end ergonomic office chairs in the Nightingale office furniture collection. That’s probably why we took so long to write about this wonderful office chair.

The overall quality of the entire Nightingale brand is outstanding and we’re more than happy to work with them as one of our most trusted manufacturers. Several Nightingale Chairs were delivered to our office in New York as our staff have been using them extensively since then. As a Nightingale dealer in New York, we’re delighted to share our experience with this Nightingale Chair in this review.

A brief history behind this Nightingale Chair

Founded in 1928, Nightingale is a Canadian based office furniture company that specializes in ergonomic task office chairs. Just as Manhattan Office Design, Nightingale has a devotion on providing high quality office furniture. Several Nightingale Chairs have their own patent or are design registered.

We’d like to mention that Nightingale is one of the few companies with a rare Greenguard Gold Certification on each of their Nightingale Chairs. What does this mean? Every Nightingale Chair is scientifically proven to meet the world’s most rigorous chemical emissions standards. Like all Nightingale products, each Nightingale Chair helps reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure and helping creating healthier indoor environments.

Nightingale CXO 6200D Chair Features

The Nightingale CXO 6200D Chair is expertly built on a five-prong die-cast aluminum base with anti-slip treads. The back seat features an innovative coat hook built into its design along a breathable mesh back with patterned weave. This particular constructions offers a generous lumbar support while allowing for dynamic movement. Armrests are operated with a spring-loaded ball bearing ratcheting system and completed with a lockable swivel and forward/backward arm pad adjustment.

One of our favorite features of this chair is the contoured thoracic lumbar support pad that can also be easily adjusted for a reliable support and customized, comfortable experience. This chair uses a very specific kind of foam in its seat, lumbar and headrest: Enersorb. Enersorb is an energy-absorbing foam that offers incomparable comfort. Perforated for exceptional airflow, the Nightingale Chair backseat is also made with dual-layer standard Mystic fabric’s four-way stretch that moves perfectly with the Enersorb foam for added comfort and durability.

As with many Nightingale Chairs, an extensive number of different fabrics is available for the CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair. Nightingale currently offers 8 different fabric grades, plus a real leather line. These fabric grades go from basic polyester fabrics to mesh and vinyl. The range of choice makes it easy for us to give you a customized look, if required. This also makes the Nightingale Chair great for specialty applications like labs and doctors offices, always looking for a strong vinyl to hold up.

Additional Features Include:

  • An optional easily adjustable headrest.
  • Synchronous knee-tilt mechanism with slow seat and back release.
  • Intuitive side tension control, multi-position lock, and pneumatic height adjustment.
  • An integrated seat slider for depth adjustment.

Optional Features include:

  • Polished aluminum finish (base, casters and arm triggers)
  • Mirror chrome frame finish
  • 2″ soft tile casters
  • Non-pivoting arms

Assembly Recommendations

The assembly for the CXO 6200D Nightingale chair is rather simple. The entire chair is almost completely pre-assembled for you. Once unboxed, drop the cylinder into the chair base and place the plastic cylinder cover over the cylinder. Next, you set the chair on top of the cylinder.

If you opted for the optional headrest, install it by attaching it with two screws and then snapping on a plastic cover, so the screws cannot be seen.

Lastly, we strongly recommend you assembling the CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair with one more person with you. The chair CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair weighs around 85 pounds total, so lifting it onto the cylinder is easier if there’s someone with you.

Nightingale Chair

What we love of the Nightingale Chair CXO 6200D

Here are some of the things we love about the Nightingale Chair CXO 6200D:

We love:

  • The padded Seat: our favorite feature. Very thick and feels as it contours to you specifically. And after hours of use, it hasn’t started to sink like many other standard foams.
  • The lumbar Support: The CXO 6200D has a lumbar support that can be adjusted vertically, which is great for positioning it right on the small of your back; and in and out, making it more or less pronounced, depending on your preference. The Nightingale Chair CXO 6200D has one of the better lumbar support systems we have seen on an office chair.
  • The armrests: Both CXO 6200D armrests are soft with a very large surface area. The arms adjust vertically by pressing and releasing a button. They also adjust in width with a ratchet system.
  • The overall quality: Everything on the CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair speaks for its quality. From the reliable and durable plastics to the comfortable upholstery to the user-friendly functions; this Nightingale Chair truly is among the best ergonomic chairs available on the market.
  • The Versatility: The CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair can be used for a great number of diverse applications. The task intensive addition can convert this Nightingale Chair into a must-have for dispatch or call centers employees while the different upholstery choices also makes this a great office chair for doctors offices and healthcare facilities.


The CXO 6200D Nightingale Chair is a great office chair and probably one of the most comfortable chairs to be used over long periods of time. This is a Nightingale Chair we recommend to any customer that uses our services on a daily basis and we hope this in-depth review serves to strengthen your confidence in the Nightingale CXO 6200D chair as well as any of the office furniture we use in our services.