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Quickstand ECO is a portable sit/stand product that will revolutionize the way you conceive your workspace and improve your lifestyle at once. It’s been shown that sedentary jobs increase health risks and decrease overall productivity, whereas standing and moving around can boost energy and productivity levels, as well as effectively reduce health risks. Quickstand ECO is the perfect complement if you had been looking for a way to transform your workspace from sedentary to active in an effortless way. Humanscale’s Quickstand ECO integrates movement into your workday and helps create a dynamic setting for your office design in NYC. Contact us at 212.706.8509 or visit our Humanscale Showroom in NYC. We’ll beat any quote so you can revamp your office design in NYC.

Humanscale Showroom in NYC

Create a Versatile Workspace with Quickstand ECO

Quickstand ECO is all about flexibility. It’s virtually effortless to adjust it to the desired height or move to the desired location. You’ll be able to go from sitting to standing instantly, and use your monitor or laptop easily thanks to the self-locking mechanism, which provides ultimate stability.

An Intelligent Solution for Your Office Design in NYC

Quickstand ECO blends into any work environment thanks to its minimal and streamline design. It also has a minimal footprint that allows for more use of the desktop area. For maximum functionality and advantage, Quickstand ECO features integrated cable management to keep cords and cables out of sight. To make use even smarter, Quickstand ECO is compatible with OfficeIQ — Humanscale’s innovative sit/stand alert software.

Humanscale Showroom in NYC

Award-Winning Design

Quickstand ECO belongs to an award-winning series of portable products which are manufactured with sustainable, red-list free materials – no PVC, formaldehyde, or other toxic materials. Quickstand ECO features a Declare label from The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) to openly show all the components used in the making process of the products, which verifies that they are safe. Humanscale, Quickstand ECO’s manufacturer, was the first company to meet the Living Product Challenge criteria, as well as a pioneer in embracing Health Product Declarations that ensure safety for the users and the environment. Your office design in NYC will be not only beautiful and functional, but also healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Humanscale Showroom in NYC

Quickstand ECO is a Durable Investment

Quickstand ECO will provide optimal durability. It was designed to look and function the same after years of continued use, thanks to its sturdy make and its scratch-resistant surface. The main assembly can accommodate a weight of up to 35 lbs.


  • Overall dimensions: 29.2“D x 28“W x 28.1 “H
  • Height range: 18.6”
  • Monitor adjustment range: 5.5”
  • Work surface platform: 19” d x 30” w
  • Product Weight: 42.3 lbs
  • Mount Weight Capacity: 30 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 Year, 24/7
  • Available in laptop, single or dual monitor configurations