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OFGO has been a reliable office furniture company for years, but recently they’ve been working on something really exciting. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

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In the best-case scenarios, when a company rebrands, it’s only a consequence of outgrowing. OFGO recently realized that they have outgrown their existing brand and took the time to retreat, reevaluate (not that there was any need to) and rebrand. Since then, they have been working on something exciting.

OFGO office furniture company was already an established business and one of our trusted manufacturers, but as soon they realized they had outgrown their previous look, they changed their identity entirely.

We’re on the verge of discovering OFGO’s new visual identity. On October 1st we’ll discover OFGO’s new brand that includes a modified name, logo, color palette and tag line! We have only seen a few sneak peeks of this but we believe OFGO’s new identity accurately portrays them as the premium and versatile office furniture solutions company they are.

New OFGO Office Furniture

Our favorite feature is the new iconic logo. A hummingbird icon designed Studio 3 Design, an iconic bird that’s meant to reflect the flexibility and their new motto: Your Culture. Your Space. Taken from their website: “The hummingbird is a symbol of movement and freedom, communication, everyday beauty, our sense of playfulness, and our commitment to sustainable manufacturing.”

Tomorrow, OFGO STUDIO will come alive. We’ve been paying careful attention to this progressive re-launch and we’re excited to announce that it’s not only a rebranding. This new relaunch will also include everything from seating and desking to tables and reception.

Live Your Vision. Love Your Space.

office furniture

This new motto embodies OFGO Studio manufacturing practices. With an abundance of free-flowing customization possibilities at your fingertips, OFGO STUDIO works hard to take your vision and turn it into a living reality.

Love Your Space. This simple statement is the edict by which we want our customers to live. To have a space that embraces function, beauty, productivity, comfort, and happiness.

With the upcoming OFGO STUDIO launch, we will see 5 new collections as well as a new INVISA edgeband technology. This INVISA edge forms a molecular crosslink when cooling that leads to a higher bond strength as well as solvent and water resistance.

To learn more, visit us tomorrow, October 1st on launch day!