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Designed by Niels Diffrient, the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair is without a doubt one of the highest quality Ergonomic chairs in the market. Its Self Regulatory Recline Mechanism allows you to relax and get focus without adjusting so many levels and swivels. It’s a great advance of engineering but is not the only quality element of Humanscale.

More than a machine, a great chair.

Probably you never hear about the Wyzenbeek Test. What could it be?. In the field of upholstery, the Wyzenbeek test is an abrasion test made in fabrics, to determine its resistance to constant surface wear. This test is made cutting two samples of the fabric and rubbing it flat with another fabric (mainly a piece of cotton duck) with a mechanical device (the Wyzeenbeck machine). This test is measured by the number of double rubs that the samples of fabric receive, in cycles of 5000 rubs. When two yarn breaks or visible damage occurs, the endpoint has been reached. Most of the time 15,000 double rubs are considered suitable for heavy use in a residential application. With the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair, its textiles exceed 150,000 double rubs in the Wyzenbeek Test, which is five times the industry standard.

A great chair of great quality. Trust in Humanscale to get focus and relax in the ultimate office task chair. Don’t miss the chance to experience it in Manhattan Office Designs.