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Humanscale Office Furniture, such as their famous Freedom chairs or their popular adjustable desks, Manhattan Office Design is your store. Contact us at 212.706.8509 and get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. We’ll beat any quote out there.

Humanscale Office Furniture

We’ve been working non-stop since 2005 to furnish offices all over America, becoming one of the best furniture stores in the process. Manhattan Office Design is the perfect place to find yourself a great office chair in Manhattan, and any other kinds of modern office furniture, whether is the regular type of newer, modular items.

As Humanscale Dealer in New York office furniture, we offer you a comprehensive roster of modern furniture solutions designed to meet

each and every one of your needs.

Leading Humanscale Products in Office Design

Humanscale Chairs have become the “gold standard” in office seating, especially the Freedom Chair, which received that appreciation from The New York Times. As such, it is very important for current furniture dealers to know their products and promote them accordingly.

Manhattan Office Design has become a leading option to acquire Humanscale’s award-winning ergonomic chairs, which are guaranteed to raise productivity levels in the workplace by providing its users with unprecedented levels of comfort.

Ergonomic leader in office furniture today

A lot of firms doing office interior design in New York City are using Humanscale to turn their workplaces into productivity hubs. Manhattan Office Design has helped many of them as well by providing both guidance in interior design and original Humanscale products as a third-party retailer.

Manhattan Office Design knows that the best offices to work at are the ones furnished with Humanscale products and that is why they have a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for office interior design, chairs, and accessories from this brand. The best place to find office chairs, ergonomic executive chairs, desks, partitions, and much more, is right in the heart of the Manhattan borough.