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There are many technical characteristics that the designers of the Factor Office Chairs of Global Furniture Group strive to capture, and that makes these chairs one of the best options for any office in the process of design or remodeling. These are just 5 of the many reasons why you should consider them for your work area:

1.- It adjusts easily to the body. Thanks to its adjustable lumbar support and other attributes such as weight detection and synchronized tilt, this chair is highly ergonomic.

2.- Bright and vivid colors. The chairs can be chosen with three contemporary frame finishes or if you prefer, a spectrum of mesh colors. Your office will never look so attractive.

3.- Reduces muscle fatigue. Thanks to its perfect balance mechanism and tilt lock, you can use your chair for long hours without your muscles getting tired very quickly.

4.- It adjusts to your height. No matter how tall or how short you are, the Factor Office Chair is designed for all types of people and adjusts to the height that’s most suitable for your body.

5.- Adjustable depth. This allows you to maintain an appropriate distance from your back with the lumbar support while continuing to provide support to the knees for greater relaxation of your thighs and thus promote blood flow.

Factor Office Chairs
Source: Global Furniture