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Office chairs represent a vital element in the composition of a corporate environment and are one of the main sources of ergonomics and comfort. For this reason, including high-quality pieces such as the Factor Office Chairs is a very favorable decision, the benefits of which will become evident in the short or medium term. Within a company with many office environments, the vast majority of employees spend 90% Source: Global Furniture Groupof their workload sitting down, so convenience quickly becomes a primary necessity. The Factor Office Chairs can not only offer quality and ergonomics but also add a very outstanding aesthetic value to the decorative style of your indoors.

Many studies have scientifically shown that well-designed, ergonomic chairs are capable of significantly enhancing worker productivity and performance. Also, working with the appropriate resources will make them feel more motivated and grateful. Some of the technical advantages of the Factor Office Chairs are that they allow tension adjustment, chair tilt lock, adjust seat height, back and lumbar height, and even change the seat depth. Besides, they’re pieces designed for intensive use, resistance, and durability. Discover the amazing benefits of adding one of these pieces to your office spaces and boost the well-being of your employees.

Source: Global Furniture Group