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There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of having an ergonomic chair for office work, but probably most people don’t quite know what this means in all its fullness. The ergonomics of a high-quality chair such as the HON Ignition Chair is important not only for all the problems it can help prevent but also for how it can directly benefit the body and can help it improve daily in several aspects, through continued adequate use.

When you make good use of an ergonomic desk chair, your body gains more flexibility, back pain becomes a less serious and less frequent problem (at times when you use and at times when you don’t use the chair), favors better blood circulation, reduces the risk of work-related injuries and also promotes good digestion. Although ergonomics is commonly associated with comfort, the truth is that they’re two totally different concepts, although they’re closely related. A comfortable chair is not necessarily an ergonomic chair if it’s not capable of fully fulfilling two or more of the mentioned benefits.

The HON Ignition Chair is the chair you need for healthy and comfortable work environments.

HON Ignition Chair
Source: HON Furniture