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Home offices have become an increasingly recurring trend with the creation of spaces that almost always successfully combine living and working environments, with the enormous advantage that each person configures it according to their style and needs. Some resources like the HON Preside tables can help you set up a more functional space if your job is not a typical office job but one that requires more space or if you work with one or more people. If you work with plans, models, physical prototypes, 3D designs, or other types of work that require a large desk, this is a quality option.

However, the HON Preside tables are highly configurable, and they fit not only in very spacious places but in other types of environments that you may need to adapt. They are tables with surfaces resistant to scratches and spills, a very solid internal structure that gives it supreme reliability. You can build a large and robust work area with models of this style since the HON Presides allow simultaneous functions for up to six people and cover different technological needs. Plus, the more demanding usage-focused presidential versions offer optional power ports and everything you need to stay connected. When you discover all the professional advantages of these models, you’ll understand why HON is one of the most convenient brands on the market.

HON Preside Table
Source: HON Furniture