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Ignition from HON chairs look good and work well no matter where you are. These pieces have a design created by Wolfgang Deising and are known for their versatility and functionality, as they adapt to any kind of work and office activity. Users who have chosen this chair have been amazed by its extensive technical characteristics and the variety of models available, which offer three adjustable backrest heights, two seat sizes, and four arm styles. These features allow them to be used in environments outside the office.

The chairs in this line present a very valuable aesthetic burden since the models range from mesh surfaces to upholstered backs. They are office chairs designed for large companies but they also adapt to small budgets, which makes them a suitable solution for many cases. You can consider these chairs as essential pieces within your office layout since they’re professional designs that provide all their benefits in a customizable way. Chairs of this style are an excellent alternative to install a home office, conference rooms, executive spaces, common areas, with a high level of style and comfort.

HON Ignition Chairs
Source: HON Office Furniture