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According to the NHS, adopting a proper posture is basic to keep good health and well being while you work. And a good posture will not only help you with your health but with your performance. You will feel better and work better, obtaining better results; and Humanscale Monitor Arms help us to achieve results.

How can we get a better posture while working?
If you have an office job, or a home office job that demands to spend most of our workday seated, you need to take care of your posture. There are three simple, but effective tips: 

  1. Be sure to have a good eye line. Your eye has to be at the same height as the upper side of your monitor
  2. Keep your back straight. This is important to allow your back relax and rest while it’s massaged by the back seat cushion of your chair.
  3. Rest your arms. If you are working in your PC or Laptop, or if you are reading a document, get your arms to the desk. They have to be at the same height. If you are not working, try to relax your arms and lean back to a slight change of posture. 

To keep these good posture requirements you can trust in Humanscale Monitor Arms. This wonderful tool serves very well for the purpose of sustaining a proper point of view. Monitor Arms is a mechanical arms system to manage your monitor (One or two), thanks to its Weight-compensator Mechanism and Self-Lubricating Precision Bearings, which allows you to easily cut the clutter and adjust your monitor and workstations to the optimal position for your eye.
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