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We are living in the rise of the home office trend, with lots of homes that just a couple of months ago didn’t pay much attention to their workspace, and now they find the need for a comfortable and efficient space for one activity that could be lasting a long time. Humanscale Freedom Task Office chair could make it work for us.
As we said several times on this blog, in your home office your priority has to be your chair. It’s your main device, and it has a direct impact on your health, that you can feel it very quickly with just a couple of hours of use. A good office chair must have:

  1. Height control. It could be controlled with a swivel mechanism under the seat. Try that your thighs stay in parallel with the floor, and your arms stay in parallel with the desk level.
  2. Back Support. Is crucial that your ergonomic chair has back support. Your back will be supported and massaged by the back cushion of the chair. 
  3. Arms support. Another crucial feature, you need to rest your arms, either while you are actually working in your PC, or if you are reclined relaxed for a moment. Your arms support has to be at the same level of the desk. 

All these features are included in the Humanscale Freedom Chair. Made with the latest technological manufacturing advances, trust in Humanscale to get focus and relax in the ultimate office task chair. Don’t miss the chance to experience it in Manhattan Office Designs.