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If you are an enthusiast of Ergonomics, there is no doubt that you know about the Freedom Task chair. Created in 1999, it is one of the most elaborated office designs chairs of modern times. With its mechanical counterbalance innovations, the Freedom Task chair, and more recently, the Liberty Task Chair proposed a series of advances that now are replicated (many times without success) for other manufacturers and design houses. 

Source: Manhattan Office Design
The Humanscale Freedom Chair. Released in 1995 and created by Niels Diffrient.

But who created the Freedom Task Chair? Niels Diffrient is the creator of the Freedom Chair, and not only this chair, but the Liberty Chair, the World Chair, and many other acclaimed chairs used all over the world. A high profile designer, his work not only covered furniture and Ergonomics but Industrial Design with famous products like the Polaroid camera, the Princess Telephone, and the seat of John DeeeTractors. Niels is an American Designer, born in 1928 in Mississippi, and dead in 2013 in Connecticut. He received numerous awards, like the Chrysler Innovation Award in 1996, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. 

And what is so special about the Freedom Task Chair?

The Freedom Task Chair is Ergonomics at its best. Beyond the traditional principles of design and comfort of a regular office chair, The Freedom chair has an innovative self-regulatory system of counterbalances that make it work on another level. With a synchronous reclinatory arms mechanism, the Freedom Task Chair has paved the way for the advance of a healthy and productive workday.