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There are great alternatives in NYC for office furniture, and with Manhattan Office Design you have the opportunity to get the best of a physical store and the convenience of online stores, all in one with AIS Furniture in NY

There is not time to lose, we are in times of change and we must adapt to prevail. Working from Home, WFH, and the new challenges of biosecurity and privacy put our business on pressure, so we must be able of get a whole solution to our requirements in one place. Furniture, Workstations and Ergonomic support are a must in every office right now. 

In Furniture, AIS provide us with the best alternatives in office furniture, with the colorful and dynamic line of AIS Natick.

In Workstations, AIS Oxygen provide an awarded system of benching and panels with a high profile design, to provide privacy and performance for you and your team.

And to complement your workteam needs, AIS DIVI is the line of AIS designed to make available the better solutions on storage, with the color and the convenience of multipurpose surfaces.

Don’t lose the oportunity to make real your Office Renovation in NYC, with the help of AIS Furniture, in Manhattan Office Design.